Jean Philippe Kadzinski, a French photographer and artist, was born in a small village in Lorraine, not far from Verdun. The area in which he grew to manhood is known for its verdant farmland and industrial manufacturing. Kadzinski spent his boyhood roaming the forests and hills. At the age of fourteen, he began an apprenticeship at a pipe factory, receiving his mechanical diploma soon thereafter. Toiling in the monotonous exertions of industrial labor, the young Kadzinski thirsted for beauty, creativity and self-actualization. By the age of twenty-nine, Kadzinski cut his industrial chains and sought adventure in the City of Lights – Paris.

Armed with little more than good looks and naive determination, Kadzinski began a career in international modeling and advertisement. Throughout his time in front of the camera, Kadzinski developed keen insights into lighting, composition and subject matter. The introspective sentiments of his youth in Lorraine developed into deeper appreciation for beauty both natural and abstracted.

As a child in his small working class village, Kadzinski dreamed of living in New York City. As a young man, he made his way to Manhattan as one of many hopeful millions of immigrants possessing not much more than a determination to work. The explosive creative opportunity that is New York City made Kadzinski feel fully alive for the first time in his life. He began to capture for himself the vivid, varied fascinations of the world around him. Carefully cultivating his photographic composition and stylistic framework, Kadzinski coalesced his decades of experience with photography into his new avocation.

“I instantly felt a connection. The camera is both sensitive and adaptable. With this tool, I could transform banality into beauty and excitement – something I always found myself desiring from a young age.” Kadzinski’s aesthetic is comparable to the philosophy of the Post-Impressionistic Movement that sought a stylistic composition independent from its predecessors. Like the Post-Impressionists, Kadzinski’s oeuvre celebrates the structural designs of the natural and man-made worlds. His work seduces splendor from vivid colors, bold lines and unified form. His vision is deeply personal, forged from the union of all the worlds he has explored.

His photography is not restricted by thematic conception. Rather, Kadzinski transfers his vision and soul to his art, allowing viewers to question, reflect or simply take pleasure in the aesthetic he reveals. 

Kadzinski’s examination of The Big Apple is a magical display of hope, rhythm and endlessly evolving opportunity. His work evinces his optimistic disposition, characteristic of the energy and vibration charging throughout the very city that brought him alive. So much of the fascination that the city exerts arises from the organic growth and tension among old and new, utilitarian and fantastic. Certain images are inextricably linked to New York City – for instance, iron fire escape ladders protecting row on row of brick houses. A mighty city arose from these small, homely structures. Kadzinski began photographing what he fears will soon disappear into the voracious maw of the city’s continuous reinvention. He paced endless of miles of New York’s five boroughs, to assemble thousands of unique images. He wove these prototypical images into tapestries of America’s immigrant experience.

His collection of reflections is an untouched, organic series. He multiplies the rhythms of nature and man, revealing endless designs and permutations. As a process artist, Kadzinski takes pleasure in detailing each piece without digital manipulation. This arduous, exacting approach compels him into a tangible relationship with his artwork. Using this unique technique, Kadzinski immerses himself fully in each project, continuing his journey toward self-discovery throughout this creative process.

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